Projects 2017-2018

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"You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation"

- Brigham Young

Projects 2017 - 2018

Education: Leora Trust continues to strengthen education in underserved areas with a focus on empowering girls and women. At the Sri Ayyappan School in Bangalore, modules of creating and documenting learning-based activities were developed in hopes of embedding them into the school's teaching methods. Additionally, a system of metrics was created to ascertain student progress throughout these activities.

A scholarship is introduced at the Sri Ayyappan School for the Most Improved Girl Student in Class IV. This year's recipient is Janani (left).

Blank notebooks and pencils are distributed to all students at the Sri Ayyappan School. To promote creativity and free thinking, students are encouraged to free-write daily in their notebooks. 


Bridgei2i (right) returns for a second year of engagement. Facilitating interactive and educational exercises, Bridgei2i has helped incorporate more activities into the Class I and Class II curriculums.

Nvidia donates 5 more computers to Sri Ayyappan School through Leora Trust.

Leora Trust continues to provide scholarships to two talented young women as they pursue bright futures. Hemasree is currently studying to become an Ayurvedic doctor, and Fatima is a distinction student who aspires to be a chartered accountant.

Mentoring: Three students from Dartmouth College interned with Leora Trust at the Sri Ayyappan School during the summer of 2017. After discovering a discrepancy between the expected and actual reading levels for many students in Class V, the Dartmouth students began one-on-one tutoring for these students. Interns are now in the process of training a replacement to continue remedial work throughout the remaining of the school year. 


Nutrition: Breakfast continues at Sri Ayyappan School in partnership with Senior Citizens Bangalore (SCB). An energy drink consisting of a mix of grains cooked with jaggery and milk is provided everyday to 500 children at the school. The grain mix is created and provided by SCB. Milk and is jaggery provided by Leora. Cooking gas and manpower provided by Ayyappan school. This project is a perfect example of how co-operation leads to amazing outcomes.

Mid-day meals are served for a third year in a row. Thanks to the partners of Leora Trust, Meera Rao and Ram Vasanthram, 500 students are provided free lunch every school day. A survey had indicated that prior to these meals, about 40% of of the children came to school hungry and stayed hungry all day!