Projects 2016-2017

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"You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation."

- Brigham Young

Projects 2016 - 2017

Education: Teacher's trainings for schools in Benson Town were directed by Shanthala. Four teacher's training meetings were held during the past academic year at Ayyappan school, and two of these were with the Hope foundation. By conducting combined training meetings, school teachers in the surrounding neighborhood are able to form a sustainable community.

Bridgei2i joins Leora Trust to strengthen numeracy in UKG and LKG. Monthly sessions with Bridgei2i at the Sri Ayyappan School were successful in promoting activity-based learning within the current curriculums. One highlight of this partnership was an organized visit to Bannerghata Zoo.

The company Nvidia provided 5 computers to the Ayyappan ITI. Under guidance, students were able to restore these non-functional computers to working order.


Breakfast continues at Sri Ayyappan School in partnership with Senior Citizens Bangalore (SCB). An energy drink consisting of a mix of grains cooked with jaggery and milk is provided everyday to 500 children at the school. The grain mix is created and provided by SCB. Milk and is jaggery provided by Leora. Cooking gas and manpower provided by Ayyappan school. This project is a perfect example of how co-operation leads to amazing outcomes.

A second year of mid-day meals continues thanks to the partnership of Meera Rao and Ram Vasanthram. A survey had indicated that prior to these meals, about 40% of the children came to school hungry and stayed hungry all day!

Deworming treatments were conducted as a preventive health-enhancing measure. Encouraging students to form good hand-washing habits also keeps students healthy.