Projects 2015-2016

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"You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation."

- Brigham Young

Projects 2015 - 2016

demo-pic Education: To encourage creative thinking and to provide an avenue of learning outside of books, weekly film screening for class five was introduced, along with discussion , analysis and brainstorming. Gradually the students took ownership of this activity. Noticeable was a behavioural change as weeks progressed.


demo-pic Nutrition. An energy drink consisting of a mix of grains cooked with jaggery and milk is provided everyday to 500 children at Ayyappan school. This project is done in partnership with Senior Citizens Bangalore (SCB). The grain mix is created and provided by SCB. Milk and is jaggery provided by Leora. Cooking gas and manpower provided by Ayyappan school. This project is a perfect example of how co-operation leads to amazing outcomes.

Mid-day meal also provided to these 500 students thanks to partners of Leora, Ram and Meera. A survey had indicated that prior to these meals, about 40% of of the children came to school hungry and stayed hungry all day!

Health and medical: Health of children at Ayyappan school is monitored on a regular basis, since the commencement of the breakfast and mid-day meal. Leora organized a de-worming program at Ayyappan of all 500 children when it was observed that several children did not appear to benefit from the meals as much as expected.