Projects 2013-2014

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"You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation."

- Brigham Young

Projects 2013 - 2014

demo-pic Education. Annual support continued for 49 girls from the previous year. Of these 31 students received Rs. 3000 each towards annual tuition at private school, and 18 students at government run schools received Rs 1000 per year towards expenses. It was observed that while these girls were prevented from dropping out, there was need for improvement in performance to provide future employment possibilities.

demo-pic Nutrition. Breakfast program continued by Senior Citizens Bangalore.

demo-pic Mentoring. Intervention in the form of mentoring was started as a pilot at RBANMs bifurcated girls school, where there were 12 Leora scholarship recipients. Leora Trust signed up 10 mentors, with the goal of providing one contact hour per week to the 12 students. This effort was started in August 2013 and continued through the academic year. The wide disparity of abilities among these students soon became clear. Therefore these students were grouped according to ability into 2 or 3 batches depending on mentor availability. Each Saturday, 2 or 3 mentors interacted with students, with the primary aim of improving English ability, identified as the most pressing need. Their shift from a vernacular medium middle school to an English medium high school left them far behind the desired academic level. A total of 81 contact hours were provided to the 13 girls during the academic year. Additionally the students were taken to a "Mathematics of Planet Earth 2014" exhibition on December 7, 2013 to provide exposure to math used in everyday life.