Pojects 2012-2013

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"You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation."

- Brigham Young

Projects 2012 - 2013

demo-pic Education. Annual support provided to 53 girls on a basis of need with the aim of keeping her in school. These girls were determined as being at risk of dropping out, due to financial hardship. The students were selected from 9 schools. 33 girls at private schools received Rs 3000 each towards annual tuition fees. 18 girls at government schools received Rs 1000/- each towards annual expenses. 49 of these girls who were entering class VIII, received commitment for continued support for three years, i.e. until they finished class X. One student was in her final year of University, studying B.Commerce and another student was in class twelve. Partial tuition expenses of Rs 5000/- and then Rs 6000/-, for each of the two years, given to one student attending Fatima P.U College, Frazer Town. She completed her studies with a Distinction and is now attending college.

Nutrition. Breakfst was provided to 850 girls in 9 schools across Bangalore, during the school going days of the year. This was done under the ongoing breakfast program of Senior Citizens Bangalore. It consists of a malt made from ragi (black millet) wheat, rice and jawar (sorghum), fortified with soya bean, flax seeds, ground nut, fried Bengal gram and flavoured with cardamom. This mixture is then roasted and powdered. To serve it is mixed with hot water, milk and jaggery. The cost to Leora Trust was Rs 1.30 per breakfast, i.e. Rs 260 per child per year. Total cost for the year was Rs 2,20,000/