Our Story

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Our Story

It starts with an article in a newspaper (Hindustan Times, October 2008) about a set of premature twins who were abandoned at an orphanage in Balasore, Orissa.

demo-pic We made a start with some financial aid. A month later, the twins were claimed by their alcoholic father. Shortly after, the boy died of neglect and no one knows what happened to the girl. There was a rumor that she may have been sold. This is only one example of countless similar tragedies in India, and the world over. As the global society marches on towards progress, it leaves behind girls and women from most sections. In India in particular the invalidation of females is severe. We decided to do something to strengthen society by returning its underprivileged members as healthy, educated women. Leora was registered as a public charitable trust in April 2012. Contributions from family and friends helped us to take small steps. Keeping our focus on education in mind, Leora scholarships were given to 53 Class VIII girls from across nine schools in Bangalore, for a period of three years, so that they could continue their education till Class X. Though this helped the students to attend school, there was a need for engaging the girls further.

demo-pic Thus was started our mentoring program for a small group of Class IX scholarship recipients as an experiment. Our goal here has been to understand, and try to provide, the scholastic support they may need to pass the state board exams and set them on a path of financial independence. Our mentors spend a couple of hours each Saturday with the twelve scholarship recipients at RBANMs bifurcated girls school. Our primary focus has been on language skills. Six months into this effort, we are observing positive changes like confident body language, improved articulation, and the ability to question. Our next step is to address their curriculum needs.

We have also learned that education and nutrition go hand in hand. Many children in India come to school with an empty stomach. Leora funded breakfast for 850 girls for a year through a program run by one of their partners, Senior Citizens Bangalore.

demo-pic We continue to learn. We have undertaken the next step to address deeper curriculum needs with a focus on Mathematics and English. Our simultaneous focus is on early childhood education to create a learning model for younger girls, to set them on a path of self-learning. The motive behind this is to build a strong foundation in a child, so that subsequent remedial action would not be required. The Leora trust is run by volunteers from different professions and walks of life. We welcome anyone to join our community of compassionate women and men. All you need is a big heart and a desire to have fun while engaging with bright, deserving young girls.